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Our Vision

To stimulate progress and improvement and transform the way business is done… It is not just about products, it is about shaping a better future together.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with superior and innovative solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and consistent excellence in service execution, ultimately delivering sustainable growth and profit.


Ensuring unbreached security is becoming a necessity in all sectors across the world. With the increasing risk of theft, break-ins, accidents, vandalism, sabotage and other physical hazards, protecting people and properties and controlling the increased flow of people is becoming a prerequisite to ensure any business continuity and profitability.

Taking cognizance of this necessity for security and to help clients address the growing demand for protection, Flora Group officially registered the Flora Security Systems branch in 2013 as a Qatari security specialized and MOI certified company. Our access control, video surveillance and other innovative security products continue to offer the same level of service and quality which are characteristic of Flora Group since its inception in 1993. Today, Flora Security Systems is doing a great deal to meet the growing need of protection among its customers and to exceed their expectations in this particularly sensitive field.

We meet our customers’ needs with focused security solutions that give them the greatest possible benefits in terms of security, organizational efficiency and convenience, thus helping them protecting the things that matter.

Our strategic technology partners Apart from reselling and installing other brands, Flora Group is the leading distributor in Qatar for the following brands.


Security Solutions:

 IP Network Cameras
 Video Management Software
Entrance Management Systems
 Parking Control Systems
 E-Gate System
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